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Who We Are

With over 40 years of experience in the health club and fitness industry, PA WELLNESS today is a team of passionate specialists that are experienced across all Greater China, Asia and Europe regions. We concentrate on defining concepts, designing treatment and leisure facilities, engineering, and marketing quality-first luxury spa and wellness centres that both uniqueness and guests’ experience matter.

Adhering to the best practices in the industry, international codes and standard, we pride ourselves on our market knowledge, precise technical services and attentive follow up with every client.

What We Do

When creating a spa or a wellness center, there are a lot more than commercial, technical and hospitality aspects to consider. We offer seamless consulting services to owners, operators, architects and designers.

Positioning & Branding
Positioning & Branding

Positioning states the unique DNA to its targeted customers. It can be set from the philosophies or visions of its creators, or a story that tells myths.

Positioning or branding should be smoothly blended in the facility’s features, deco and ambiance, together with an operation concept that extends to protocols, touchpoints, signature treatments, retail merchandising, technology applications as well as communication strategies. The goal of branding is to determine the core values and identities, to ensure they are consistently adapted on every presentation – the design, the culture, and the standards.

Planning & Design
Planning & Design

For more than 40 years, we have helped luxury hotels, exclusive recreation clubs and government bodies to create professional leisure facilities. We fully understand, to owners or operators, the design of a spa or wellness centre should reflect values of the property to its defined target customers.

Functions, features and public spaces should be allocated to the right places and determined to optimal sizes. Guest-flow and operation-flow should be reasonable, and the entire center should be well-constructed to meet safety and hygiene standards. Our objective is to create spa designs that fulfil functional, operational and aesthetic, at the same time, compliments the client’s core values and uniqueness.

Planning & Design
Positioning & Branding
Thermal & Hydrotherapy Treatments

Hydrothermal bathing is a healing concept where our body naturally responds to various combination of temperature and humidity levels. Hydrothermal treatments can strengthen the immune system, regulate blood pressure, stimulating detoxification, and so much more, is one of the most ancient and proven spa treatments especially beneficial to chronic problems or sub-healthy conditions.

The design, the installation and the maintenance of every hydrothermal and pool experience are unique. There are numerous design considerations and rules and codes to follow. There are also mechanical and electrical provisions, specific materials and technologies to consider. We are here to ensure every project will include only the very best of international hydrothermal spa standards.

Planning & Design
Staffing & Vocational Training

The core value of every spa and wellness centre is their professional treatment and hospitality service. Skilful and detail-minded therapists and wellness experts are always the most treasured soft asset. We ally with industry leaders and benchmark setters to recruit, select, and train managers and therapists. Wellbridge academy is the only institute in mainland China that provides 600 hours of professional wellness knowledge and treatment skill training, as well as upgrade opportunities. Their curriculum includes but not limited to: wellness philosophies and trends, guest courtesy, selling techniques, human anatomy, TCM & aromatherapy knowledge, facial, body and massage treatment techniques, singing bowl, yoga and meditation techniques, English language skills, tea ceremony, rituals and cultural presentations, hygiene and safety.

Planning & Design
Our Clients


We provide A to Z consulting services around wellness for properties such as:

  • Urban clubs / hotels

  • Resort hotels​

  • Destination hotels​

  • Mineral spring resorts

  • Medical spas / wellness centres​

  • Wellness residence / Home spa